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It’s Been Awhile

Posted: Mar 6, 2008 in Updates

Sorry for the delay. We have had an incredibly busy February. I must admit, I have had my life on hold and fallen into the trap of this world of “busy is better.” One of many times in my life that I have had to check myself and repent of my fleshly nature.

That said, hopefully this means I will get back into my blog life a little more consistently. Maybe not as much as I was but still, I will do better.

Grace and peace,


The True Beauty of MLK’s Life

Posted: Jan 30, 2008 in Updates

I was reading Larry James Blog today and he had a link to Central Dallas Ministries on his site. There you could here the final speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is an amazing word and one that represents the message I earlier wrote about MLK. To be sure, he truly understood what I believe we so often misunderstand about his purpose.

From I See the Promised Land sermon spoken just 2 days before he was assassinated. Very powerful! For the full sermon check out this site.

I See the Promised Land

April 3, 1968

Memphis, Tennessee (more…)

VineLife Relocated!

Posted: Jan 21, 2008 in Updates

Wow, what a Sunday! We moved into a bakery just down hwy 380 and found God there this Sunday. What a blessing this new place will be. More intimate, less money (about 35% of the cost of the school) and available anytime outside of business hours and even during business hours if we eat (tough to have to eat bakery goods, huh). In any case, we were ecstatic about Wanda and Phil’s great reception and openness to our use of the building. In fact, they have let us store all of our stuff on the premises, which means no weekly unloading of the trailer. We will be able to help them out by completing some small projects, which will make this even more convenient for us and them. I believe that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Please pray for VLC and La Dolce Vita Bakery as we both seek to live to the glory of God. Pray that the bakery is not only a place where wonderful and sweet indulgences are sold but where many are indulging in the sweetness of God’s rich mercy. Also, please pray that her neighbors might also be open to allowing the use of parts of their space for our Kids Kluster childrens ministry as space is limited in the bakery and, Lord willing, I have hopes of transitioning to multiple services within the year.

Sunday, included visitors from Singing Oaks leadership (thanks ladies and gentlemen for your supportive presence) and a great time of celebration as Wanda cooked up a great meal of lasagna and pasta for us (oh the perks of meeting in a bakery).

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. God is good and continues to bless his church.

Last night, I met with the lead church planters and some of their key ministers in our area for a little get to know you powwow. It was quite refreshing. Conversations were edifying and encouraging as each revealed their passion, focus and desire to reach people for God and to participate in the redemption of the lost sheep of His pastures. I think what I appreciated the most was the intention of all at this meeting to truly seek to partner in ministry together. Now, I know that there are many churches and pastors/ministers out their who get together regularly and seek to unite in prayer and devotion to God however, an understanding of true partnership is substituted for an attitude of self promotion. On the other hand, I also know of many stories where churches were strongly divided and truly believe that it is their job to convert Christians from one way of church to another. Yes, I used the word convert. (more…)

1. Adoration

Posted: Jan 9, 2008 in Updates

I want to invite all of you to present your prayers to God so that we may all begin to pray with you and for you in powerful ways. Please join in this conversation with God as we seek to praise him for his name alone is worthy.

The first area I would like you to consider is in the area of Adoration. This is to make claims about God in acknowledgment of his power, might and provision. This can simply be names or traits used used to describe God and Jesus in the Bible. Father, Mother, Warrior, Prince of Peace, Shepherd, Almighty and many more. Be creative. How has God approached or revealed himself to you? This is a time of honoring God and blessing his name. Praise him for all that he is and claim it from the mountain tops.

Starter Questions:

1) What does the Bible say about God?
2) How has God revealed himself to you?
3) How would you describe God?

Switched to WordPress

Posted: Dec 14, 2007 in Updates

Well I got a new name (less egocentric at least and a little more self deprivating) and a new service. I am pumped at the ease of this new little blog. Hopefully, it will be used as a glory unto him. Truth is I am just glad not to have to deal with the design factor and to have things prearranged. Eventually I will add a direct connection to our family photos and such but for now, I am just wanting to keep it simple.


This week we have our First Annual Christmas Services at VineLife. I am excited to hear our kids sing.


Please pray for us. Sunday we find out if we may have a new place to meet. A free place to meet in fact. Free beats $2500 a month for one day a week. Ridiculous huh. Please pray that this pans out.