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WARNING! All tangents, rants and meaningless opinions (which this is) are barely edited and typically thrown out there without a concern for correct spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Perhaps you are concerned that I would even ask such a question. However, I felt compelled to ask this today because I am amazed how fearful of times we live in. We are quite frankly seemingly afraid of our own shadow. Then again, perhaps it is just me. Perhaps, I am the only one who wants God to make things simplistic for me. I try to define him, to control him, to excuse him, to defend him, to protect him, to make him sound big (as opposed to realizing he is big) and the list could go on. So I ask you, how big is your God?

Well, I must admit for sometime there is another closely connected idea that has been troubling me. It is the idea that people love God but hate religion OR that they love Christ but hate the church. Now, these words at first may bite us a bit, if not make us cringe but let’s really listen to what people are saying when they make such claims. As such, there must be a realization that, while we would rightly say that as the bible defines the church that one cannot possibly hate it and love Christ. Yet, this is not necessarily what I think people are saying. It is my own humble opinion that what they are really saying is that they love what Christ stands for but are extremely questionable about how distinctly different the church (Christ’s body) lives that out. Hence, you hear things like the church is full of a bunch of hypocrites. What I have found this to mean is, they say that we are to be Christlike and yet instead of being sent ones “like sheep among wolves,” they have built bigger and more expensive sheep pens to keep the wolves out. (more…)


Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm of all, only 176 verses. However, the beauty of this passage, as is the case of the Law, is not in its keeping but in its meditation.

What would happen, if we took the Law (Old and New) and read it, dwelt in it, meditated on it, memorized it and let God work through it. What if instead of reading it proof texting it, guilting with it and judging with it we were to use it as a tool for transformation, trusting that in it God’s mercy has been revealed and that in it Christ, reveals its power by epitomizing it in death, burial and resurrection for us.

Perhaps, this wise guy is mistaken but something tells me that if we were to dwell in Spirit breathed Word of God for our own internal well being and informing that we would find its redemptive power at work in us. Is this an oversimplification, I don’t know but when was the last time you picked up God’s Word to listen for his whispering voice as it claims your heart. I know as a preacher and teacher, all too often, I come to the text looking for a Word for the body, perhaps, I should listen more for my own soul, heart, mind and body.

God help us (especially me) to listen! (more…)