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Check out this website. Listen to the MP3’s, especially Exclusivity. In my opinion, it is very important to listen to.

Let me know your thoughts.


Last night, I met with the lead church planters and some of their key ministers in our area for a little get to know you powwow. It was quite refreshing. Conversations were edifying and encouraging as each revealed their passion, focus and desire to reach people for God and to participate in the redemption of the lost sheep of His pastures. I think what I appreciated the most was the intention of all at this meeting to truly seek to partner in ministry together. Now, I know that there are many churches and pastors/ministers out their who get together regularly and seek to unite in prayer and devotion to God however, an understanding of true partnership is substituted for an attitude of self promotion. On the other hand, I also know of many stories where churches were strongly divided and truly believe that it is their job to convert Christians from one way of church to another. Yes, I used the word convert. (more…)