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Santa’s Eye 


Today, on November 17, 2007 (yes before Thanksgiving), is setting up our Christmas tree. Truth be told, i am kind of excited about Christmas because it means we get to tell lies to our little ones, give them gifts beyond measure as if they don’t get everything they want anyway. Of course, this is coming from our recovery from Halloween, which ultimately led to the mass trashing of 3-5 lbs of candy, what a waste. OK, i am not a cynic to the end but i do often wonder why we even try to make Christmas a time that celebrates Christ. In our culture, Christ is an afterthought if a thought at all. All the whining about gifts not received, the toys forgotten by Santa, the unfairness of your toy compared to my toy and that is just the adults.

It is difficult this time of year to realize that our best attempt to celebrate Christ’s birth, we have to commercialize it to the point of making Santa the savior and redeemer of all of our hopes and desires. 

OK, i must confess, i, too, am a Santa lover. The things i despise about Christmas are the very things i love. Santa, i’m trying to be nice but it’s so easy to be naughty!

Lord help us, come quickly!

– hoping for an iPhone