who am i?

Family Picture

who am i?

For starters my name is Les McDaniel and the truth is i am nothing special. Then again, put all the pieces together of my life and things do begin to add up. One beautiful wife of whom i have been married to since June 17, 1995 + three girls; Cailin, GraceAnn and Addie + one boy; Owen = the fact that i am a very blessed man.

Though no longer paid, by His grace, i am a minister of the Word and a disciple of Christ. The church my family and i serve in is the Westover Hills Church in Austin, TX. My family, that is my God, my blood, the church and our community, are my life and in so many ways define who i am.

So with this minimalist amount of info, if you are still wondering who i am, maybe that is a good thing because the truth is i hope you learn less about me and more about who God is and what he is doing along the journey we are on in this trivial thing we call life.

See you on the inside.


  1. ashleykt333 says:

    My old youth minister just planted a new church and they don’t even have a building because he doesn’t care so much about where it is, just the people and the learning and growth that they experience. Right now they’re operating in a school, having to set everything up and tear it down every week. I hope VineLife is doing well!

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