The Librarian that I am…

Posted: Feb 22, 2009 in Co-Missional, Meaningless, Opinions, Tangents

I recently went on a journey of putting the dewey decimal system into action on my library consisting of 730 books. Yes, the dewey decimal system. SOme might say, what a nerd, this would not be too far from true at many leverls. Others might say, Why? Others, might just be in utter dumbfoundedness at the randomness of it all. Yet, I have to tell you that this is the nature of the beast. However, none of the responses are really behind the Why? of the dewey decimal system. You see, I finally got tired of the constant search for books that I was looking for. I honestly could care less if I loaned a book and it has not been returned or if I gave it away. The problem is that I am looking for it and though it is probably right under my nose, I just can’t find it. Well now thanks to the good old dewey decimal system and a great software Delicious Library I can add, delete and check out books that were in my library thus knowing exactly where it is. For a guy who uses about 35% of his books regularly and the rest depending on mood and my own self paced further education, this helps tremendously.

OK, I write this to set myself up. I wonder when too much knowledge is too much. I wonder at what point we find the truth of scripture “knowledge puffs up” begins to be the status quo of those of us who read pretty much non-stop. It is true that I have read so much that I could argue with myself for days about any given theological topic and still never really speak the truth I believe deep down is true. It seems that in this day and age this is a reaction to something. What, I don’t know exactly. Specifically regarding theology and religion, I think we have reacted to the once closely held truth of scripture that was so heavy handedly used to beat people down, to convert one brand of church to another brand. I believe that the science of multiple truths began to wain our confidence in the one true Word of God. I wonder if my books are little more than a tool to manage (as if this is possible) my Father –a new mode of mastering the Master– that hinders me from truly ever experiencing the fullness of His truth as revealed in Scripture and submission to Christ as head of we His body.

What I am afraid of is that the dewey decimal system justified by the size of my library, is nothing more than a reflection of my own insecurity OR connection to the Holy Spirit who promises to reveal God’s Word through discernment and communication that is two way, not just one way. Lord grant that we may know you  more, trust you more and discern the work of the Spirit in our midst once again. Father, may your Spirit rest upon your people as the tongues of fire burned upon the apostles. God be with us.

  1. tiphanie says:

    Can I come borrow some books before going back to ACU. I’m running out of books to read. I need some new good ones. You have any suggestions?

  2. Raine says:

    hi. i happened to wander into your blog from networkedblogs on facebook. i just had to comment since your very first post struck a familiar chord in me.. libraries and the dewey decimal system. i’m in the third year of my bachelor’s degree in library science, yet i know i do not read much. i am still learning to love books, so i cannot relate to the “knowledge puffs up” lesson that God has been teaching you. but i am warned in advance if the time comes that i read too much and stock up too much information in my head and no longer in my heart. thanks for posting this! [=

  3. Fritz says:

    Organization is a good thing. I think God is an organizer and loves books, the whole revelation to John was focused on the opening of a book.

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