Sowing the Seed of Christ

Posted: Dec 18, 2008 in Disicpleship, Thoughts

fl000051Fewer things in the Christian life are more difficult than sowing the seed of Christ in a world where the soil seems awfully polluted. Some say it is a gift, while others say it is a calling on all who claim Christ as their Lord and Savior. I tend to agree that the commission is multi-faceted but demanding on all of Christ’s followers. Never has that been more evident to me in my life until my wife, sister, brother-in-law and I started VineLife Church a little over two years ago.

During those two years we have been planting seeds in the life of people who didn’t even know they were God’s fertile soil, some to the point of denying the seed all together. I got to tell you this has been a hard process. Sometimes seeing the seeds grow before our eyes. Other times seeing the seed produce a seed of its own and plant the seed in others. And yet, there are those painful times as well. Where the seed is planted and seemingly never to sprout (only God knows). Or other times where the seed is planted and nurtured and cared for, showing promising growth only to realize later that it believes it needs a new pot (i.e. church body). But the hardest part of all is how close one must get to people in order to plant these seeds. Building relationships, tilling the soil of their lives and in the end scattering the seed not knowing of it will bring forth the fruits of the kingdom. When it doesn’t, it hurts and calls into question the whole point of planting seeds of the Gospel. However, those that do sprout always far out weigh those that don’t and the fruit they produce is uncomparable to the tremendous crop that one plant alone can produce. All in all, sowing the seed of Christ is the most rewarding challenge of my life.

How about you, is it hard for you to share Christ? If so, why? If not, tell us more. What are your experiences in sowing the seed of Christ?

  1. Monette says:

    9 months. The time that it takes to grow a child in the womb. From a single diploid cell, with undefined characteristics, to a perfect creation from God, a child is born. Even after birth, still learning, still yearning to know the world it lives in. And the Truth.
    9 months since I gave it all to Him. The battles were over. I was done. I wanted peace and peace is what I received. Not with earth shattering revelations but with quiet contentment inside. THIS was the moment of conception of ME. God and Jesus, together, are making me into a new person. Growing in Christ, yearning to learn His ways and living in Truth.

    Les, you helped plant that seed. I believe He led us to you. That one seed is producing five fruits and I’m proud to say that we’re just a bunch of fruits! lol

    But to answer your question- I share Christ daily. Whether it be the music I play in my car or the way I’ve noticably changed in the last 9 months that my friends have seen. They say I am much happier now and ask how I have changed. I tell them because I’m learning about God and Jesus. I am content now, no more confusion. I let it all go and let Him in. I just planted 4 more seeds 🙂

  2. Les says:


    Thank you for your generous comment. May God continue to bless our VLC family with people like you and Tim. Keep proclaiming to all you may meet. Thanks again sis!

    God’s grace be upon you.

    Lord send harvesters!

  3. Jenna says:

    I know that seeds were planted in myself when I was younger but I never let them grow. I thought that I could do better on my own and I was wrong. I truely thank my friends, that pointed me in the right direction (Vinelife) and I see the seeds growing more and more daily. I see the seeds growing in my children and my wonderful spouse.

    People are listening even if they act like they are not. I learned that on Dec 15, 2006. My cousin Micah was killed, he was 16yrs old and after we left the hospital we went to my Aunt and Uncles house. All of his friends showed up and my father, my uncle and Micah’s twin brother Alex and I sat on the front porch and can hear the friends talking about how Micah brought Christ into their lives. Funny thing is, we didn’t realize how much Christ meant to him and that he was sharing Christ’s love with his friends. My aunt and uncle truely know that Micah is with God, and that has helped us all deal with his passing. Micah got into a lot of trouble and pushed people away, but he didn’t push Christ away. I saw tons and tons of seeds growing and being planted that night, more than ever in my life…

    Thank you Les for helping my seed grow and teaching me more about Christ..

  4. jamesbrett says:

    This is a bit silly, but I’m certainly not one to rally against the silly. I live in Tanzania and have 9 months’ of beard and hair growth. [My wife is pregnant — our first should arrive any day now — and I thought it’d be great to grow my beard along with her tummy. And we’ve got the progress pictures to show it…]

    Anyway, you would not believe the opportunities I have to plant seeds every day walking around the market in our small town. Nearly every individual beckons me over to tell me I look like Jesus or John the Baptist. I usually joke with them a bit, asking how they know it’s not those guys who look like me, before I start a conversation about how I may look like Jesus, but I’m really only his follower. They always then ask me which religion / denomination I am — and I tell them that I really prefer to just follow Christ, reading the Bible and being obedient to it. They ask why, and I’m able to share some good news with any individual who says I look like Jesus. I never would have thought a beard would do that. Now I’m debating on whether or not to shave it….

    I’m not only able to plant seeds, but I’m having a blast doing it!

  5. Leah says:

    I have been sowing seed for Christ for the past seven years. As an evangelist, meeting different people each day and planting the Word of God in their hearts by ministering unto them one never knows if the seed grows. But one must be steadfast in faith that God giveth the increase. Because it is God who ensureth that the seeds grow. Some seeds will fall among thorns, some on rocky soil, some on good soil that bring forth 100, 60, and 30 folds.

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