From Jesus for President

Posted: Sep 6, 2008 in Kingdom Politics

Claiborne and Haw write…

And they were to make disciples. Jesus’ last commission was to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28.19). They were to teach the nations a new way of living. One by one, these disciples would infect the nations with grace. It wasn’t a call to take the sword or the throne and force the world to bow. Rather, they were to live the contagious love of God, to woo the nations into a new future. “Nations” didn’t mean states or governments; it means all the world’s peoples regardless of region, tribe or clan. The covenant of God was open not just to the Jews but to all the Gentile world. And making disciples didn’t mean using cutting-edge small group curriculum; it meant disciplining themselves, training themselves to become the peculiar people of God set apart from Ceasar’s world. [emphasis mine]

Curious, how does this impact our view of church? If in our culture, church is something you go to, what might this paragraph be calling us to as people of God? If the way, is something that demands training how does this impact our understanding of our pinnacle view of Sunday service? Lastly, does this emphasis on training of self for holiness have the same focus as our Sunday services often do, the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) of Sunday? Granted, I am speaking to a particular brand of American Christianity? But, seriously, if we are honest, how much of what we do is to protect the system of church over and above preparation for holiness and becoming “the peculiar people of God set apart from [America’s] world…?”


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