So I guess we have a shy crowd

Posted: Aug 14, 2008 in Updates

Seriously??? No one has anything to say about possible future topics? OK, then back to the same old rants, LOL. God bless you all and may God be your guide this day.

  1. I want to talk about the Rangers!

  2. Les says:

    Unfortunately, I am a church planter and therefore I am not in the know these days on the Rangers like I would like to be. So the conversation would be about as lengthy as what I just wrote. So talk away.

  3. Church planter? Sounds like fun.

  4. russ says:

    You’re not missing anything with the Rangers….but it’s almost Cowboy time!
    To answer your other questions—
    I come back because i’m interested in what you have to say, BUT i don’t spend too much time online and your posts are erratic, so often by the time i see them it seems too late to reply…… will try to do better.
    topics—- i would love to read more about your experiences starting a church. i.e., what you enjoy and what frustrates you, what has gone as you expected and what has surprised you, what your experience at the monastery was like, why you’ve made the stylistic choices you have (a capella vs. cd vs. live music; location; promotion, etc.), your experiences with the host churches, how you decide what to preach on, etc.. i find that stuff really interesting and this seems like a good forum for it.

  5. russ says:

    why do we have these pretty little quilts by our comments?

  6. Les McDaniel says:

    Thanks guys! Russ, I will begin working towards some reflective type blogs. Truth is the timing couldn’t be better. I look forward to reflecting on what God has done in our growing community. It truly has been amazing, hasn’t it? Chris, you crack me up. For those of you who do not know my dear brother in Christ, Chris, he is a fellow church planter. Check out his blog sometime because he has been doing this longer than I.

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