Posted: Aug 6, 2008 in Opinions

Now, this blog may seem a bit wanting of attention but really it is not. I would love some feedback about my blog. Yes, the oh so dangerous questions I have could lead to humiliation of whopping magnitudes, good thing that my blog title is pointlesblog, right? So here are the questions I would love answers to.

1. Why do you dedicated readers keep coming back

2. What keeps you from leaving feedback?

a) Fear that others might think I am stupid

b) Not really interested in the topics

c) The topics are over my head

d) Some other reason: _____________________________

3. What is helpful? What is not helpful about this blog?

4. What topics if any would you like to see some rants or on

Now I cannot promise that I will get to all of the requests but then again, not many usually respond to my blogs. So perhaps it will be easier than I think. That said, please know that this is a safe place to open up. You can always leave an anonymous post as well. I want this to be a place of mutual learning and exploration. If you, like me long for the greener grasses of the new kingdom of God, then let’s spit it out and  begin talking with excitement about kingdom things. God bless and I really hope to hear from you all.

  1. Kelley says:

    Just love to read whats inside your head, usually don’t respond due to all the above, but doesn’t mean I am not reading… BLOG ON

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