How long…(Revised)

Posted: Jul 28, 2008 in Prayer

Today, I sit, struggling to find words. Feelings of sorrow for a family that is experiencing loss beyond understanding. Yesterday, the neighborhood was a buzz as Care Flight landed at our soccer fields in Savannah, TX to take Markus Lewis, beloved son, taken from them by a tragic accident. Due to some confusion as they got out of their car after coming home from lunch, his parents sadly left him in the car for around an hour. He passed away yesterday. I am terribly concerned for this family. I am terribly concerned with this community. I am frustrated by the self-righteous way in which the news always reports things from their mountain tops, disconnected, uncaring, hungry for the next savage evidence of our worlds terrible brokenness. It’s easy for us to sit with them isn’t it, looking down from on high, elevated and lifted up until…

I have already heard some of the most horrible and thoughtless things said, this frustrates me to no end (Father forgive me, as I forgive others), though I have also heard genuine concern for this family and their loss. You see this could have happened to anyone of us. Oh sure, we look at this tragedy and cannot believe that parents could forget about their child and yet, one can walk the streets of Savannah at all hours and see children of all ages running around, walking in groups, cloaked in the darkest corners of our community. We see parents who let their kids fill their minds with destructive messages from every form of media available, they teach their children to party like there is no tomorrow. While it may not be a hot car but instead it is an even more painful and slow death of one’s spirit down the path of addiction, depression and sin. Many parents don’t even have time to notice the incredible struggles that their children face. These once beautiful babies now demand too much of our time, we don’t talk, we don’t actively encourage, we treat them as mere annoyances that we live our lives through when they hit the home run but talk bad about when they get caught smoking pot or having sex at school.

How is it that we cannot compassionately relate our failings, mistakes and miscalculations, small as they may be, to the reality of the big ones. We all screw up, the question is not will we but how and to what cost. Maybe its a wrong turn, maybe its your speeding car that kills an innocent family on their way home from church (true story that just happened in Frisco a few weeks back). Who are we to judge the mistakes based upon the consequence? How dare we care so little about life that we wish harm upon those who have in their own right an emptiness that none can imagine?

I am saddened by the insensitivity of a broken world that masks its pain with medications, reality shows that promote the celebration of similar tragedies and crisis and/or the flavor of the month in alcohol, drugs, violence and pornography. Oh how we sit mightily upon our grand thrones judging the world that does not fit into our false realities, only to find our throne little more than a place to puke when we ourselves wake up from the hangover of life. For no person that has the breath of life is prone to perfection let alone exempt from a single, or many, costly mistake that could take a life. So please, remember your place among the rest of us fallen ones. Let us look upon the world as Christ looked upon his murders and with one last breath declared, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

How long oh Lord? Please come quickly. Please be with the Lewis family. Help them to find comfort in you. Console them, help them to forgive themselves. Oh the pain and guilt they must feel. Protect their marriage. Protect their children. Help us to step back and remember how you have delivered us from our own crap and may that bring forth compassion. May the weapon of joy destroy the powers of judgment and anger at the loss of this precious boy. Yet, we thank you for your protection of little babies. For we know that today Markus Lewis is now awaiting the glory of your new creation. Even now he may be resting in the cool breeze of heaven. May he be laying beside quiet waters, may the Lord Jesus himself be one with this baby. God move powerfully, use your people to comfort and support this family in their time of need. Forgive my own self-righteousness, for I do not intend to judge, just to uncover our nature so we may be delivered from ourselves. Help us, Oh Lord, HELP US!


  1. Jamie says:

    I can’t even sleep thinking about this family. I have been praying for them like crazy and I too have been so hurt by the unkind things being said. I don’t know why but I find myself taking it personal. My heart is broken for this family. Ethan is so close to their son’s age that it just really hits home. I think you have made some great points in your blog. Some of the things you said I know I have been guilty of myself. This is a huge eye opener and I believe this happened for a reason and lives are going to be changed for the better because of it.

    Thanks Les!

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