The Pain in the Complaint

Posted: Jul 17, 2008 in Meaningless, Prayer, Tangents

On complaining.

Why complain? More importantly how do you deal with complaining without complaining? Moreover, what is complaining?

I have just begun a 40 day fast from unnecessary talk, which I have failed miserably at already. But tomorrow is a new day and the next minute is a new minute so we will see how God works powerfully in our lives. I look forward to it.

So here is MY answer to these questions. It seems to me that complaining is nothing more than an expression of our inability to control things that were never in our control to begin with. Complaining is nothing more than another form of GOSSIP because in complaining about anything people are often attached to such complaints and it serves to raise self up over the situation without having the need to take any responsible action toward a solution. It easily tosses the responsibility off on someone else. Now mind you I am not talking about true issues that need resolving. I am speaking of the types of complaints that restate the obvious time and time again without any productive solution to offer. I am speaking of the possibility that perhaps I, with God’s help, can tame the tongue with thanksgiving and move to a life where I am less concerned about having things in the way I think I should get them or believe I am owed.

So here is my hope for myself. It is my goal to come to the table with solutions, a willingness to be a part of the solution and a tongue that is bit not loose. It is my intention to realize that sometimes constructive criticism is beneficial but it is not constructive beyond a single mention, especially where I have no alternative to offer. Yes, I do want my concerns to be heard but dwelling on them seems to only create within me a very American mentality of I am owed something.

That said, I also understand that, I will fail miserably in this regard. IN such a case, it is good to remember that our complaints are a reflection of our estrangement from our true home. In the kingdom we will have no need to complain for we will have more than we could ever imagine. God’s rule will be all sufficient and our lives will be sustained by his glory. So in the discontentment of our present circumstance, may we realize that God is using our estrangement as a way to keep us longing for vaster things. Lord come quickly for I am weak and a wretch of a man.


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