4. Supplication

Posted: Feb 2, 2008 in Prayer

While self-centered materialistic requests are often our focus in the supplication (i.e. God please help me make more money, help me win the big game, help me…) seek to make these requests oriented towards the benefit of others. With this in mind you can make a request to God to empower you to overcome impatience with your children or one could ask God to protect ones family from the evil one.

Helpful starter questions for this type of prayer:

1) How do you desire God to transform your life?
2) In what areas, do you desire him to overcome and conquer?
3) Who is in need of God’s guidance, comfort or love?
4) Who might I share the light of Christ with?

  1. Celli N says:

    share the light of Christ….
    The faith people witness in our lives may not automatically communicate the object of our faith but they will see the effects of our faith. If they ask, we must be ready to tell them our faith rests in Jesus Christ. We live by faith because we live in him.

    ….life lessons, Romans, Max Lucado

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