Irony: “In God We Trust”

Posted: Jan 30, 2008 in Meaningless, Rants, Tangents

I received and email today, which was later confirmed as false by the one who sent it but nonetheless raises an interesting question. Here is the rumor and the debunking of that rumor.

In short, the rumor has people up in arms about the fact that our government has removed the “In God We Trust” from the new dollar coins. Well, first off this appears to be true but reveals that it is actually placed on the side. This brings up the second point, which is that placing it on the side is the first step to removing it all together. Perhaps, this is true. My response would be a gentle, “So What?”

There, I said it. Forgive my cynicism of such notions that this issue even has a slight connection to the mission of the church. Here is my take. First, the irony of “In God We Trust” is thick when you consider, the luxury cars, large homes and huge trusts we set up for our retirement. Sure this is the land of opportunity but opportunity somehow seems to land most often in the lap of those who already have the money to spend. We place more belief in self sustainment than we do in God’s sustenance. “Give us this day our daily bread” seems more a reference to dough from our stocks and interests check than yeast for that day. Meanwhile, the poor child goes without a place to lay his head or food to calm his hunger pains.

Secondly, why lie to ourselves. Placing a “In God we Trust” does not save others. People do not come into our country and find themselves before the Almighty God who sits in power from above. Instead, they find themselves inept or bowing to the almighty dollar, confused as to what we consider our God.

Thirdly, I hate to harp on those making up the church. Yet, the loudest sirens of such concerns typically come from churches. I wonder though. Which percent of the 80/20 rule do they make up? How many of these who claim trust in God don’t even give each week at church or if they do, they only give the change in their pocket. If those who voice such concerns are of the 80% who make up 20% of weekly contributions around the world, well I question where this one places their trust and wonder if maybe my final analysis has occurred. [Don’t hear meas ungrateful for those who give. That is not my argument, rather it is the argument that our giving is a reflection of where our trust is. added 1/31/08]

Lastly, perhaps I am wrong. Maybe, just maybe, “In God we Trust” on our money is a tell tell sign of who, what and where our god lay. Perhaps, we have labeled right, less a capital G add a lowercase g.

Have we forgotten Jesus words about paying taxes from Matthew 22.21. “Give to Caesar, what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Do we really think that somehow such words stand for what this country was found for? Does standing on such principles mean much if we are not living by such principles? May we, God’s people, radically take our trust in God to new heights.

OK, I feel better. Those who sent out such concerns are those I love. In no way, was this intended to demean the well intended concern they have. However, I hope that as God’s people we may be able to uncover the true meaning of Christianity/Discipleship. It is my hope that we not get bogged down in political ploy of the devil, which seek to preserve that which can only come out of love not meaningless inscriptions upon foreign gods. God have mercy on us and forgive us of our idolatrous ways, especially mine.

  1. Joe Warne says:

    Mr. Les,

    You know I love you but, I have to say the ones who have the money have worked hard for it. A lot of rich people do godly things with their money such as donate it to charity, build new churches or start a plant church. I know a lot of people want more stuff, which is meaningless. However without the drive of wanting that stuff there is no income to do gods work. I would recommend the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I found it to be true as to why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I have seen it first hand. Remember when I get rich I will increase my donations. hahaha

  2. Les McDaniel says:

    Joe, glad to see you online brother. Of course, I know you love me. Truth is we agree in what you argue. But it is hard to imagine the “root of all kinds of evil” (1 Tim 6.10) being the conversion tool for the church. It assists in the accomplishing of God’s work but in and of itself does not convert the heart rather it usually does the opposite and turns the heart away from God (i.e. Rich Young Ruler, Luke 18.18).

  3. Joe Warne says:

    AH, my wise friend wiser than I, I heard a great story about a man, I believe his name is Jon Huntsman. He invented the plastic fork ect. He is worth 3 Billion and is going to die broke. Why we ask, not because he is spending it or losing it in the stock market, no he is selling off everything to give his money away to charity’s and people needing help. This man had no greed, he had a company and it was worth 254 million he agreed to sell it for 54 million. He did not know the true worth even the buyer offered him more. This man a true gent refused by saying my word and my handshake is my bond.

  4. Joe Warne (KS) says:

    I to have read Rich Dad and Charles Givens Wealth With Out Risk, we all need to learn how to manage the blessings’ that God has sent our way. I can say I have been truly blessed by God. He has not provided me with all my wants but my needs have been abundantly met. Oh how blessed people such as J.C. Penny was so blessed that he gave 90% to the Lord and of the 10% that was left he had more than he needed.
    Money is only a means to exchange for needs. Having “In God We Trust” on our countries currency reminds me of who the ultimate provider of my needs is, but God himself. I see money very seldom, as 90% of my transactions are Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfers. I have to trust in God when using these forms of exchange because there are so many out there trying to compromise those systems.

    God bless you
    Have a Great Day
    Joe Warne, KS

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