3. Thanksgiving

Posted: Jan 22, 2008 in Prayer

This is an area that is perhaps so often neglected. I have heard it said many times by many people. We are so often quick to blame God when airliners crash or bridges collapse and thousands die but how often do we stop to thank him for the thousands of other bridges that stay up and airplanes that land safely. This is our opportunity to thank him for everything from large to the smallest of small.

Questions to help you get started:

1) Did you wake up this morning? Praise God!
2) Was there a roof over your head? Praise God!
3) Could you breathe deeply? Praise God!
4) Could you barely breathe at all? Praise God!
5) Were you awaken by little whispers or grand leaps? Praise God!
6) Did you go to work? Praise God!
7) Did you eat even one meal today? Praise God!

God bless you this day!

  1. Celli says:

    Praise God for the sunshine today…….

  2. Chris says:

    Deuteronomy 6.10-12

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