A Change in Church Mentality

Posted: Jan 11, 2008 in Community, Ecclesiology, Theology, VineLife

Last night, I met with the lead church planters and some of their key ministers in our area for a little get to know you powwow. It was quite refreshing. Conversations were edifying and encouraging as each revealed their passion, focus and desire to reach people for God and to participate in the redemption of the lost sheep of His pastures. I think what I appreciated the most was the intention of all at this meeting to truly seek to partner in ministry together. Now, I know that there are many churches and pastors/ministers out their who get together regularly and seek to unite in prayer and devotion to God however, an understanding of true partnership is substituted for an attitude of self promotion. On the other hand, I also know of many stories where churches were strongly divided and truly believe that it is their job to convert Christians from one way of church to another. Yes, I used the word convert.

Yet, neither of these two approaches seemed to be present last night. You see, I hope and pray that we may begin to see the church more united. Not simply in some mystical way that can’t really be explained. Rather, a true understanding of our gifts as congregations and build upon those of others that we may not have. It is my hope that we might see a truly united front in our world, so that the worldly internal wars might be substituted for the truly spiritual wars that go on around us. Such wars, those of doctrine, methods of ministry, judgment, etc., in my mind give Satan a foothold on the church that he was never intended to hold. We spend more time trying to compete in a church market industry than we do at seeking to reach the lost. Forgive my cynicism, I do believe that both aspects can occur, that is, a competitive mentality along side a desire to reach the truly lost. I guess, I just long for days when we can seek to unite and conquer, not divide and conquer.

Perhaps, we who are seeking to serve this North Dallas, Denton County area, might be able to do that. It is a trend that seems to be growing rapidly among my fellow church planter friends. May God bless our efforts.

  1. Les
    I totally agree with you. It was great to see various Pastors with a passion and a desire to reach people for Christ and not view each other as competition. No one has a corner or has perfected the art of building a vibrant church. We are all in this thing together brother and if I can bring something to the table that will help you or anyone else I will humbly share it. Great time last night and I look forward to many more. Let us be and encouragement to each other in this journey.

    God Bless

  2. Jack Taylor says:

    I remember some years ago (1997) I attended a Promise Keepers meeting at Texas Stadium, as we were walking back up the ramp from lunch I stopped a looked out over the parking lot and what a visison this was. The vision I saw was church vans and busses from all faiths,the rest of the group stood still for a moment and savored the view. None of the men there uttterrd a word for several minutes and when one of the late comers on the scene started to speak one of the elders held his finger to his lips much as you would montion a child to be quiet. This elder asked me what I saw out there, spontaneously I replied , with tears in my eyes “I saw God” by that I mean I saw what he wants from us not our particular traditions or political views but he wants our heart and if we submit then we can share the good news and good life we have in him with a world that so desperately needs peace and love that only our Jesus can give. Peace and God Bless

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