1. Adoration

Posted: Jan 9, 2008 in Updates

I want to invite all of you to present your prayers to God so that we may all begin to pray with you and for you in powerful ways. Please join in this conversation with God as we seek to praise him for his name alone is worthy.

The first area I would like you to consider is in the area of Adoration. This is to make claims about God in acknowledgment of his power, might and provision. This can simply be names or traits used used to describe God and Jesus in the Bible. Father, Mother, Warrior, Prince of Peace, Shepherd, Almighty and many more. Be creative. How has God approached or revealed himself to you? This is a time of honoring God and blessing his name. Praise him for all that he is and claim it from the mountain tops.

Starter Questions:

1) What does the Bible say about God?
2) How has God revealed himself to you?
3) How would you describe God?

  1. Cozy Reich says:

    God, you are the gardener of my heart, always pruning away what is dead and ugly, helping me to grow into a beautiful flower, taking away the weeds that try to entangle themselves in my life. God, you are my rock that I lean upon in times of need and in times of happiness I rejoice in your constant love. God, you
    have revealed your wisdom to me in such a distinct plan for my life, it has truly amazed me. I am forever humbled before you.

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