Switched to WordPress

Posted: Dec 14, 2007 in Updates

Well I got a new name (less egocentric at least and a little more self deprivating) and a new service. I am pumped at the ease of this new little blog. Hopefully, it will be used as a glory unto him. Truth is I am just glad not to have to deal with the design factor and to have things prearranged. Eventually I will add a direct connection to our family photos and such but for now, I am just wanting to keep it simple.


This week we have our First Annual Christmas Services at VineLife. I am excited to hear our kids sing.


Please pray for us. Sunday we find out if we may have a new place to meet. A free place to meet in fact. Free beats $2500 a month for one day a week. Ridiculous huh. Please pray that this pans out.


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