Quotes from Pilgrim Heart

Posted: Apr 26, 2007 in Theology

“Today many theologians and church leaders are calling us back to robust practices of faith as expressed in early forms of Christianity. A fresh look at Scripture and the experience of the believers through the centuries teaches us to practice an embodied spirituality within living communities. Evidences of a spiritual renaissance are not hard to find. Throughout North America, in small towns and in large cities, we see promising signs of spiritual revival; and the evidences are even more pronounced in other quarters of the world, especially in developing nations and in the southern continents. We are on the threshold of an we era in the history of Christianity, when disciples from many ethnicities and traditions are converging at a common point in understanding. Despite their disparate origins and histories, believers seem to be arriving at a consensus that a full-bodied, Christ centered spirituality is what we most need.

The growing emphasis upon an embodied spirituality should be good news since most of us make such poor angels anyway. It’s a relief to learn that God expects us to be only human. However, be forewarned. The way of Jesus, practiced “on the ground” and in the body, is truly radical. Once we expose the Platonic and Cartesian threads within the fabric of our faith, once we remove the modernists contaminations of our practice, once we return to this earthy, biblical spirituality, we will find ourselves both liberated and disoriented. Our spirituality will most surely look feel, and wear differently. We will begin to think of ourselves as human beings in new ways; and, by extension, we will rethink our relationships to God and what it means to follow Jesus. The invitation to begin again is the hallmark of the Christian message: We are fallen; we are broken; yet we are loved, and Jesus continually invites us to begin…again.” (Tippens, Darryl; Pilgrim Heart: The Way of Jesus in Everyday Life, pg 16-17)


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